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Soumyadipta Acharya
Research Interests: Global health, instrumentation and medical devices, machine learning, signal processing
Siamak Ardekani
Assistant Research Professor
Research Interests: Computational medical imaging, MRI, developing image-based statistical shape and function models for early disease detection, monitoring response to therapy, and validating new therapeutic strategies in neurological and cardiovascular diseases
Joel Bader
Research Interests: Bioinformatics and computational biology
Alexis Battle
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Genomics and machine learning
Michael Beer
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Computational regulatory genomics
Benjamin Bejar Haro
Assistant Research Professor
Research Interests: Biomedical data science, sparse biomedical signal processing, inverse problems in biomedical imaging
Qin Bian
Research Associate
Research Interests: Bone and cartilage biology, RNA sequencing and computational analysis
Kenneth Boheler
Research Professor
Research Interests: Pluripotent stem cell biology and their differentiation to cardiovascular lineages, molecular biology, transcriptomics and proteomics, and the applications of immunophenotyped cells for drug re-purposing, biomedical engineering, and disease modeling
Patrick Cahan
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Computational and experimental exploration of gene regulatory networks in development, stem cell engineering, tumorigenesis and cancer progression
Adam Charles
Assistant Research Professor
Research Interests: Data science, signal processing, machine learning, computational neuroscience, computational imaging, cybernetics
Vikram Chib
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Decision-making, movement, computation, functional brain imaging, noninvasive brain stimulation
Kathleen Cullen
Research Interests: Neural prosthesis and rehabilitation, computational neuroscience, multi-sensory integration for action and perception, motor learning
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Adjunct Assistant Professor
Josh Doloff
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Immunoengineering, regenerative medicine, biomaterials/biomedical devices, controlled drug delivery, synthetic and systems biology, and automimmune, cancer, and infectious disease models
Nicholas Durr
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Medical imaging, image analysis, biophotonics, endoscopy, microscopy, and medical device design
Jennifer Elisseeff
Research Interests: Regenerative immunology, biomaterials, aging, single cell analysis, regenerative medicine
Andrew Feinberg
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Research Interests: Epigenetics of development and disease; stochasticity in development and cancer

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